Triangular Shaped Volume & Surface Area Calculator

The surface area and volume of the water body should be calculated before treating with Coptrol.


Please enter the maximum depth. This will calculate the volume of water, using the bowl calculation method.


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Application Rates

The Coptrol application rate depends on the degree of algae infestation, the kinds of algae present & the depth of water to be treated.

For Tanks & Troughs: 
Apply 2-5 mL Coptrol per 1,000 litres of water to be treated.

For Dams, Ponds and Water Impoundments, including potable water storages: 
Apply 4.2-8.4 litres of Coptrol per 1,000 square meters of water surface area at an average water depth of 1 meter or greater, or 5-10 litres of Coptrol per 1 megalitre of water.

*Use this calculation tool as a guide to calculate the amount of Coptrol to be used. However, please consult the label for directions.