Control Algae in Drinking Water Tanks

Can Coptrol be used to treat algae in drinking water tanks?

Yes. Coptrol is highly effective and proven method of eliminating blue green algae in potable water supplies, including water storage’s and tanks.


Is Coptrol approved for use in Drinking water storage’s and tanks?

Coptrol is approved by the APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority) for application in potable water (water suitable for drinking) reg no. 31030 and can be sprayed, dripped or flown onto waterways and tanks to treat blue green algae.

What species of algae are most important to control in drinking water tanks?

The most important group of algae affecting potable water supplies are those described as blue greens. For more information on algae, please click here.

There are a number of species of blue green algae and many of them produce highly toxic compounds that directly target either the liver or central nervous system. In their purified form these toxins are more potent than either arsenic or cyanide.

When a potable water storage system is contaminated by blue green algae it is important to minimise algal cell growth as algae cell population is directly linked to toxic concentration. Large blooms invariably lead to higher levels of toxin in the water.

Early algae treatment is best

We recommend early treatment as this strategy ensures large numbers of toxin producing blue green algal cells can be prevented from  developing into a bloom, it also ensures the most cost effective use of Coptrol.

If algae is a problem  drinking water tanks follow this 5 step method to keep your waters clear and bright.

1.  First identify the algae present. Please use our guide here for more information. This page explains common algae within Australia.

2.  Now calculate the volume of water to treat. Ignore depths below 1 metre. Please refer to our “Quantities” page to calculate the amount of water to treat.

3. Next calculate the amount of Coptrol needed. An easy way to calculate is:

• If the algae is fine and free floating use 2 mL of Coptrol per 1000 Litres (1 cubic metre) of water. That is equivalent to 2 Litres of Coptrol per 1000 square metres of surface area.

• If the algae is long and stringy use 5 mL per 1000 litres of water (1 cubic metre) or 5 Litres per 1000 square metres of surface area.

4. Dilute the required amount of Coptrol using a 1:10 or even a 1:20 Coptrol water dilution.

5. The best application method is by spraying. Apply on a sunlit wind free day when algae first appear. If this is impractical, please refer to our Application” page on how to apply Coptrol.