Livestock Watering Troughs and Turkey Nests
Filamentous algae can develop in livestock watering troughs during summer restricting livestock from access to the water. Most troughs in Australia are usually fed from either a main concrete tank or a turkey nest. For best results dose the header tank or turkey nest at the rate of 5 mL of Coptrol per 1000 Litres of water.
For example 20000 L tank will require 100 mL of Coptrol (20 x5).
The most practical way to apply Coptrol in this situation is to mix
the required amount of Coptrol in either a watering can or bucket, fill the
can or bucket with water and then disperse the mixture evenly over the
surface of the tank or nest. Coptrol is perfectly safe in the drinking water
and will not affect livestock.  Remember it takes about 48 hours for Coptrol
to take effect in the trough and if animals are regularly using the trough
Coptrol has little chance to work as the treated water is consumed before
Coptrol can start acting. So if possible restrict access to the trough or portion
of the trough till the algae are removed.
Warning: If you are sourcing water from a dam or pond be certain you
are not supplying water contaminated with blue green algae