How to Apply Coptrol: 
To apply Coptrol, simply dilute the measured amount of Coptrol, 1 part Coptrol to 10 or 20 parts water. Once diluted it can be applied from a horticulture sprayers, knapsack sprayer or even from a bucket. Apply the Coptrol / water mixture as evenly as possible over the water’s surface.

For Best Results When Applying Coptrol:
Where possible, apply Coptrol in bright sunlight on a calm, wind-free day. Apply Coptrol as evenly as possible to the water’s surface. Ensure the water temperature is not below 16 degrees Celsius.

In ponds containing fish, also ensure the carbonate hardness of the water is higher than 50ppm. Treat the shoreline first to avoid trapping fish in the shallows and only treat 1/3 of the area at a time to avoid oxygen depletion. Allow 10-15 days for oxygen levels to recover before continuing treatment.

How often do I need to use Coptrol? 
Generally one application of Coptrol is enough. However, if the algae infestation is severe, re-treat after 10-14 days as necessary.

Always read the Coptrol label directions & use Coptrol as directed by the label.

Methods of Applying Coptrol: 
Once diluted Coptrol may be applied from aircraft, from boats or can be sprayed from the banks using fire fighter pumps, horticulture sprayers, knapsack sprayers or evan directly from a bucket. Coptrol can also be dripped directly into flowing water in high volume treatments such as flood irrigation water.

If required Aquatic Technologies can apply the Coptrol for you, using various special designed equipment including Aquatic Spray Boats and Amphibious Craft.

We also have a Service Department that can come to you on-site & apply the correct amount for you. Enquiries welcome.