Coptrol targets and stops algae taking hold in your water

Coptrol, the next generation algaecide, will clear up existing algae, including toxic blue green algae. It is the best algae treatment on the market and will prevent future algal growth, keeping your water clear and bright. It has none of the disadvantages of copper sulphate (bluestone).

Coptrol offers a new approach to the control of algal bloom (free floating or filamentous) in irrigation canals, farm dams, industrial ponds, ornamental ponds, raceways, rice paddies, and potable water supplies.

Coptrol algicide is precisely formulated and distributed in Melbourne, Australia by Aquatic Technologies and is used for effective use in rural and other industries and for human and livestock drinking water supplies. It works in all kinds of water, hard or soft, salt or fresh, turbid or clear.

Coptrol should not be used in rivers, streams, creeks, billabongs, lake or wetlands.

Coptrol will not control aquatic weeds. Common weeds often mistaken for algae are Azolla, Duckweed, Salvinia. Aquatic Technologies can help you combat these weeds here.

How does Coptrol work?

Coptrol is a water-soluble chelated copper compound in which the copper is held so tightly it cannot be “stolen” by contact with other substances. It uses special organic chelating agents resulting in a uniquely effective algicidal action. It is an algae treatment for the control of free-floating and filamentous algae in aquatic environments.

Algae seek out Coptrol for its nutrient value and absorb it through their cell wall. Digestive enzymes within the cell break down the compound and release copper within the cell to kill algae.

Coptrol targets algae. It is a copper miser, when compared with copper sulphate (bluestone) it uses one fifth to one eighth of the amount required if copper sulphate was used and achieves a better result. Results are apparent soon after application. When used as directed it does not harm humans, stock, wildlife, plants.

It is completely safe when used in human drinking water. There is no risk to domestic animals where Coptrol is used in farm impoundments. It will not corrode metal surfaces such as water tanks, irrigation equipment, spray valves and pumps.

It is not corrosive to aircraft and aircraft equipment. It will not build up in the soil.

Coptrol is specific to algae in water and should not be used for aquatic weed control.


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